Cloud Computing Training

What is AWS(Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the worlds leading cloud platform and cloud service providers. It is the on demand, pay as you go distribution of IT resources over the internet.

Why Enterprises are migrating to cloud computing?

Scalability and Flexibility : In cloud computing resources are elasticity which means scale up or scale down the resources without losing data as per demand.

Data Security : Top most and bigger companies have entered cloud computing using their skills and expertise to safeguard the security of their customers.

Economic : No need to spend large amounts of money for setting up an Infrastructure. Because cloud computing services offer a pay as you go (No upfront cost) basis. So organizations are focused on their business priorities without worrying about their on premises.

Why learn AWS

AWS(Amazon Web Services)is an on demand cloud computing services in the industry, it provides its services to individuals, enterprises and governments on a pay as you go services. AWS is one of the leading cloud service provider in the market, provides support and reliable across to its clients. It’s also having huge demand in cloud computing. Another reason is it’s easy integration with open source tools like Jenkins,Docker,Ansible,github and it is also friendlier with linux servers.